There's a liberation within you that you can access at any time.

In order to set yourself free, you’ve got to identify what’s keeping you stuck, break the chains of self-limiting beliefs, and allow the truth of who you are to emerge.

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It’s time to break the chains

Every self-limiting belief you have is directly connected to a system of oppression…

We can’t talk about healing, wellness or liberation without acknowledging the impact that systems of oppression have on our emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, sexual, and financial well-being.

Here's how we internalize systems of oppression.

this is what it sounds like…


Anti-Blackness teaches us that we're not good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, capable enough, that we are inherently flawed and unworthy of care and love.

patriarchy & sexism

Patriarchy and Sexism devalues the voice of women and femme folks so we learned to silence ourselves, make ourselves smaller...dim our light for our own survival.


Capitalism teaches us that our value is based on what we can do or produce for other people. So we overwork ourselves to prove our worth and value -often feeling guilty or lazy for needing rest.


Along with Homophobia, Queerphobia, and Transphobia presumes that there’s only one right way to be, one right way to love, and that we must center other people’s comfort over our own truth. So we feel shame and anxiety about our desires, and we suppress the most intimate parts of who we are.

“Personal and collective healing requires that we get to the root of where the lies of internalized oppression (and superiority) reside in our mind, body and spirit...and ripping them out at the root.”

- erika totten

Can you see it now?

So many of our self-limiting beliefs are connected to systems of oppression.

Most of the shit that we’re carrying isn’t even ours…and it’s time to put it down. We can no longer be complicit in our own oppression. 

It’s time to break free of those chains…

Erika's Philosophies for Personal and Collective Healing

There is a liberation that exists within us that we can access at any time.

We are free. Unfortunately, there are systems of oppression that we bump up against externally, and that we’ve internalized, that have us believing and experiencing the lie that we are not.

Healing does not have to take long.

Healing does not have to take long…it’s the resistance to it that keeps us stuck in patterns of self-sabotage…prolonging our suffering.

Healing cannot happen in isolation.

Trying to work on ourselves, by ourselves, can only get us so far. We’re going to need to reach for our people, beloved community, a therapist, a coach, our ancestors, the Land, and Divine Spirit/God/Goddess, etc. to support us along our journey, and that’s ok.

We’ve got to get to the root.

There’s nothing surface level about this work. Liberation requires that we get to the root of where the lies of internalized oppression reside in our mind, body and spirit. And we must do it with each and every lie to truly set ourselves free.

Energy work is an essential healing modality.

When we “know better”, but our actions aren’t lining up, we’re often stuck in a somatic pattern. As trauma is stored in our bodies, we can’t just talk about it (or pray about it) to break the pattern, we must use energy exercises to clear it from our bodies, so we can choose differently.






Who is Erika?

I am fiercely committed to Black liberation and the evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness. 

As a politicized healer, spiritual life coach and holistic consultant focused on supporting you in being your most full and authentic self – with liberation as your foundation, I might be unlike any coach you’ve experienced before.

This isn’t executive coaching, career coaching, or personal coaching… I’m offering something much deeper.

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Healing cannot

happen in isolation.

When we give up the limiting belief that "I should be able to do this on my own." we notice that there's support all around us.

1:1 Coaching

A 90-day coaching experience to support you in breaking the chains of self-limiting beliefs and past trauma in order to create a life rooted in joy, authenticity and liberation.

Group Coaching

A cohort based coaching experience supporting Black, Indigenous, and POC leaders and change-makers in processing how systemic and internalized oppression impacts their self-worth, power, and leadership.


For mission driven institutions committed to leaning into the liberatory values of healing, restoration, and transformation in order to better support their employees, grantees, and community members.