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There's a liberation within you that you can access at any time.

In order to set yourself free, you’ve got to identify what’s keeping you stuck, break the chains of self-limiting beliefs, and allow the truth of who you are to emerge.

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It’s time to break the chains

Every self-limiting belief you have is directly connected to a system of oppression…

We can’t talk about healing, wellness or liberation without acknowledging the impact that systems of oppression have on our emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, sexual, and financial well-being.

“Personal and collective healing requires that we get to the root of where the lies of internalized oppression (and superiority) reside in our mind, body and spirit...and ripping them out at the root.”

- Erika Totten

anti-Black racism



anti-Black racism










Healing, and Joy

What does the Unchained you look like?

What does the

Unchained you look like?

Take a moment to vision what liberation could look like...feel like... smell like...sound like...taste like...for yourself, your organization, and the beloved communities you're apart of...

What you visualize is possible and I'd love to support you.

“Before working with Erika, I was stuck. I felt purposeless...and I couldn't figure out how to get out of it.”

the services


Healing cannot

happen in isolation.

When we give up the limiting belief that "I should be able to do this on my own." we notice that there's support all around us.

1:1 Coaching

A 90-day coaching experience to support you in breaking the chains of self-limiting beliefs and past trauma in order to create a life rooted in joy, authenticity and liberation.

Group Coaching

A cohort based coaching experience supporting Black, Indigenous, and POC leaders and change-makers in processing how systemic and internalized oppression impacts their self-worth, power, and leadership.


For mission driven institutions committed to leaning into the liberatory values of healing, restoration, and transformation in order to better support their employees, grantees, and community members.

I am fiercely committed to Black liberation and the evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness.

As a politicized healer, spiritual life coach and holistic consultant focused on supporting you in being your most full and authentic self - with liberation as your foundation, I might be unlike any coach you’ve experienced before.

This isn’t executive coaching, career coaching, or personal coaching…I’m offering something much deeper.

So…you tryna be free or nah?

So…you tryna be free or nah?

So…you tryna be
free or nah?

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Vision Yourself Free

Here’s a tool you can use to explore what liberation looks like for you in 6 key areas of your life.

With the help of this workbook, you’ll get clear about what mental, spiritual, emotional, sexual, physical and financial liberation looks like for you.

Grab the free workbook now!