Transformative Coach - Energy Shifter - Dynamic Speaker & Facilitator

“I’ve done executive coaching and group coaching before, but it was nothing like this! Erika made me feel seen, she moved at the pace of our group and our conversations, modeled and reinforced physical healing practices, and my 1:1 hour with her was transformative.”

– Jenny W., The California Wellness Foundation

Emotional Emancipation Is My Life's Work.

Dive into a deeply personal and transformative conversation with the Community Healing Work. In this video, I reveal my story, the people I hold myself accountable to, and the reasons why Black liberation is central to uplifting the collective consciousness of humanity. Discover the profound connection between personal and collective healing as essential liberation work, learn about nurturing emotionally emancipated Black children, and so much more. 

Unchained Series


Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy National Conference

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy National Conference

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy National Conference


Shared Identity Group Healing Circles

For Black/Indigenous/People of Color (BIPOC) of all racial, gender + sexual identities around topics like: processing the impacts of racial stress and trauma, gender based violence, working & learning in predominantly white institutions, internalized oppression, etc..

Emotional Emancipation Circles

An evidence-informed, psychologically sound, culturally grounded, and community-defined self-help support group, specifically designed for Black people, to help heal the trauma caused by anti-Black racism.

Healing Justice 101

An interactive workshop where we examine core concepts of Healing Justice and consider practices for personal, role, and systemic integration; understand how a trauma analysis and HJ framework can cultivate accountable, sustainable and rigorous short and long term movement building; and illuminate ancient and current tools of wellness, healing and resilience.

Visioning Ourselves Free

In this workshop we will allow ourselves to get clear about what liberation looks like for each of us individually — right now, in the midst of dismantling systems of oppression + surviving a pandemic, by answering the questions.

  1. What does the Unchained you look like? spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and financially…

  2. What are the chains (lies/self-limiting beliefs) that might be keeping me bound? And how did they get there?

  3. What truths must I embody/practices must I incorporate to set *myself* free?

Naming Your Chains & Setting YOURSELF Free

A healing circle for BIPOC folks that moves participants through a process of emotional emancipation by acknowledging and processing the emotional impact of intersecting oppression and stress we’ve amassed over the years (i.e. racism, sexism, anti-Blackness, Queerphobia, Transphobia, etc.), how it impacts how we see ourselves, our community, our place in the world, and our work. Participants will also be introduced to several emotional wellness tools that can be used as daily practices to move stagnant energy up and out of your body.