Tend to the emotional well-being of Black, Indigenous and People of the Global Majority who are experiencing the harms of systemic oppression within your organization, or sector.


Every self-limiting belief your have is directly connected to a system of oppression.

The limiting beliefs you tell yourself about who you are, what’s possible for you (or your organization), and what you’re worthy of are keeping you stuck and in painful patterns of self-sabotage. And they’re having a tremendous impact on how you live, how you lead, and how you love.

The Problem:

Organizations have not addressed or acknowledged the emotional, mental and spiritual impacts of institutional racism and oppression on their most marginalized, overworked and overlooked employees, grantees and partners.

the anti-solution:

1-hr BIPOC Workshop focused on “self-care”

Why this doesn’t work + Why it’s critically important for your org to address this:

1.) BIPOC folks experience the quick fix as being disingenuous; as the org is simply checking a box.

2.) As orgs are fumbling toward repair for perpetuating systemic oppression through DEI initiatives and trainings, Black/Indigenous/PoC folks who have been signaling the harm for years are being re-traumatized in the process.

3.) Not enough time given and offered once with little consideration for accessibility (1 hr, 1 time).

4.) Lumping BIPOC folks together instead of offering affinity spaces that address the unique and complex experiences of each group.

5.) Doesn’t demonstrate a consistent commitment to the emotional well-being of those most impacted by systemic oppression in the organization.

Organizations often want to throw pennies at a problem and say that they’ve addressed the concerns.

- erika totten

about erika

Erika Totten is a dynamic facilitator, activist, spiritual life coach, and community builder from Washington, D.C. committed to the movement for Black liberation and the evolution of our collective consciousness.

She is the founder and director of Unchained Visioning, a core member of Harriet’s Apothecary Healer’s Collective, and co-creator of the WildSeed Society where she focuses on centering healing and visioning within liberation movements.

Erika's Philosophies - Longevity: Multiple opportunities to access transformative healing spaces


We are free. Unfortunately, there are systems of oppression that we bump up against externally, and that we’ve internalized, that have us believing and experiencing the lie that we are not.


Affinity spaces for Black, Indigenous, People of the Global Majority


Multiple opportunities to access




Read firsthand experiences

Read firsthand experiences



Workshops & Group Coaching

Providing a safe space for BIPOC folks within the organization to learn essential emotional wellness skills, stepping into their leadership to reclaim their voice, and curating a healthy work life balance.

Harriet’s Apothecary Healing Village at Soul Fire Farm

Words of Fire Conference at Spelman College

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy National Conference